Toronto Zoomer Show

Accordion & Violin Duo

David’s Skolnick’s biggest passion has always been to create and play music that moves people and to teach others to do the same. Trained classically on the piano from age seven, David began to expand his repertoire to jazz, pop, rock and bossa nova in high school.
Throughout university and beyond, David loved exploring music from other cultures, such as Klezmer, Salsa, Turkish Folk, and French Chanson. The accordion has become one of his favourite instruments,
as it has such a unique sound.
Peter Han can often be found serenading guests with his violin at weddings, parties, and events.  He is part of various bands in the GTA, including the Flailing Shaleileighs (Irish music).  Peter plays an electric
wireless violin that allows him more contact with the audience and to be free to roam where the music takes him.