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C.P.R. – It’s “First Aid” For Potential Fraud Victims

Simple techniques to protect seniors from scams or unscrupulous sales tactics.

Retired Police Sergeant Bob Paterson works closely with The McLennan Group to develop and share practical safety tips for CARP members.

During his 17 years as an OPP Officer, and 15 years with Toronto EMS, Sergeant Bob recognized the benefits of public education.

“More upsetting than responding to many emergencies was the reality that a small amount of planning or situational awareness could have prevented injuries and property loss.” recalls Sergeant Bob. “We don’t have to fret over every minor detail. Simply by adding a small dose of preparation to our activities, we can avoid a lot of anxiety and regret.”

During his presentations, Sergeant Bob engages listeners and shares only useful, practical and economical tips. Regardless of whether the topic is traffic safety, personal security, or fraud prevention, Sergeant Bob encourages everyone to walk away with at least one solid, and easy to apply strategy.

Senior Safety Tips:

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