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Cirque Contortion Duo

Masters of Contortion, Marissa and Brynne have been training and performing for over eight years under the watchful eye of Elite coaches such as Otgo Waller from Las Vegas and Alixa Slobodyan from Ukraine, both of whom have worked extensively with Cirque Du Soleil. Their Duo performance showcases a set of elegant choreographed moves or poses to music, combined with high level of contortion and hand balancing. Each pose requires extreme precision and flexibility, which took many years of training to achieve. The physicality required to perform such acts greatly exceeds that of the general population. It is their dramatic feats of seemingly inhuman flexibility that captivates audiences, leaving them to wonder, “How did they do that?” These contortionists have been featured at numerous high profile corporate and private events domestically and internationally and are performing their unique act for the first time at the Zoomershow.




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