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LASIK MD: Jacqueline Stein-Elman & Colin Geddes

PresbyVision™: See Near, Far, And Everything In Between

Jacqueline Stein-Elman

A lawyer and chef by trade and a marketer by choice, Jacqueline is focused on changing the way people interact with brands. She is a creator and a wordsmith (and a storyteller at her core), building marketing campaigns to educate and enlighten the public. Jacqueline’s true passion and drive come from the thrill of promoting life-changing products that can enrich people’s lives. A wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and always a good friend, Jacqueline cares deeply about making a difference. In her hard-to-come-by spare time, she is also a baker, an avid reader, a runner, an animal lover and a sun worshipper. Jacqueline Stein-Elman Director – Brand and communications.

Colin Geddes

As the centre director for LASIK MD’s Vancouver clinic, Colin has overseen operations there for the past three years. He has a years-long background in related fields, previously occupying roles in sales and sales management. Colin is driven and passionate about creating and fostering superior workplace environments that allow for positive patient experiences. His spare time is spent exploring British Columbia – whether that’s running in the mountains or paddling out in the ocean!

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