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Medical Cannabis And Dementia Care For Older Adults

Do you know someone who is struggling with their memory and looking for alternative treatments? Our Wellworth Health Nurse Practitioner discusses the potential for Medical Cannabis oils to assist with common symptoms that cause behavioural changes in loved ones with dementia.

Julia Peart

MN, NP, Senior Director of Clinical Practice

Julia became a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner after graduating from a Master’s degree at Athabasca University. Her experience in practice has been focused on working with diverse groups of populations – from those who access private health care services to those who cannot access basic necessities such as running water.
After time practicing in family medicine, Julia recognized that, regardless of a person’s background, common conditions such as chronic pain and mental health were burdening her patients. While looking for alternative solutions, she discovered Medical Cannabis. Since that time, Julia has been passionate about Cannabis research and ensuring that all patients have equal access to an assessment should they want one.
She strives for all patients to feel certain that they are in good hands when moving through the
sometimes complex world of Medical Cannabis. Through her diverse experiences, Julia brings a uniquely human approach to patient care and to the Medical Cannabis sector.
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