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A Patient’s Perspective – The Benefits Of The Free innoviCares Prescription Savings Card

Speaker Biography – S. Lynn Bruyère

Lynn has been a dedicated innoviCares card user for the past 6 years, which has saved her money on many of her brand-name prescription drugs. As a professional Management Consultant specializing in inclusive practices and diversity and equality in the workplace, Lynn has promoted innoviCares to many of the groups she works with. In her experience, the innoviCares card has helped to promote equal access to original brand prescriptions in the communities she works with, by covering a portion of the cost of 100+ prescription brands.
Regarding the innoviCares program, innoviCares is a prescription savings card that will pay a portion of the cost of 100+ brand name prescription drugs at pharmacy. The card can be used with or without other insurance cards and in many cases, allows our users to stay on the brand name medication that their physician has prescribed (if that is their choice) by making the cost comparable to the generic substitute. The cards can be used at any pharmacy in Canada and are free to all Canadians. Anyone can sign up to receive a card via our website. Our digital and social media details are below.
Instagram/Twitter: @innovicares
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