Vancouver Zoomer Show

Brim Financial: How You Can Save on Everything. Everywhere. All the Time.

MAIN STAGE – Sunday, 1:00 pm 1:20 pm

In partnership with Brim Financial, CARP has created a non-stop savings engine that allows you to save on everything, Everywhere, All the time. Join Rash and David to learn more about how and why CARP has partnered with Brim and what CARP’s new member benefits program means to you.

Rasha Katabi, Founder & CEO, Brim Financial

Rasha founded Brim Financial in 2015. Brim is a fully integrated digital platform at the intersection of tech, finance & lifestyle. With a globally open ecosystem, many first-to-market features and unlimited reward earning potential, Brim introduces a seamless and more rewarding experience for consumers – it’s the smarter way to earn rewards, shop, travel & pay.

With over 20 years of experience in structured finance and capital markets, Rasha began her career at TD Bank and CIBC focusing on cash and synthetic structured finance and securitization, across North America and Europe.

As Group Head for the Strategic Solutions Group at Merrill Lynch Bank of America, Rasha established Merrill at the top of securitization league tables, instituted strategic partnerships and built the largest non-bank residential mortgage funding business. As Managing Director, her mandate expanded to Debt and Equity with focus on financial services, consumer finance, automotive, real estate and REITs. Rasha was a key advisor to Canadian pension funds, global sovereign wealth funds, and large institutional clients. In addition, Rasha was a member of the Asset/Liability Committee and the Management Committees for Debt Capital Markets and Equity Capital Markets.

Rasha was President and Chair of the Mortgage Backed Securities Issuers Association, a Director of the Board of Russell Investments in Canada, and a part of the Russell Investments Audit Committee.


David Cravit, Vice President, ZoomerMedia Ltd.

David Cravit is a Vice President at ZoomerMedia Ltd. His duties include serving as Chief Marketing Officer for CARP and Zoomer Magazine, as well as being responsible for ZoomerU, an information and educational program that provides advertisers with insights into the Zoomer (age 45+) market.

David has over 35 years’ experience in advertising, marketing and consulting in both Canada and the USA. He was a partner in Saffer Cravit & Freedman, which he helped take from start-up to over $150 million in annual billings, then worked as an independent consultant before joining ZoomerMedia. During his advertising career he participated at the most senior level in the creation and placement of over $5 billion in media advertising.

His first book, “The New Old,” (2008) details how Baby Boomers are completely reinventing the process of aging. His second book, “Beyond Age Rage” (2012) describes the apparent “war of the generations,” and shows how Boomers and seniors are already solving it. Both books are available on Amazon.